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Posted by Rick on March 12, 2011, 6:38 am

Nice to hear the descriptions of yesterday's rare event on the beach. Just for fun, the epicenter of the quake was estimated at

38 20 20 North by 142 57 20 East

the Lat / Long of our beach is estimated at

19 16 30 North by 104 48 6 West

On the surface of the earth, that is a distance of 10,490 kilometers.

The time of the quake was estimated to be about 11:46 p.m. local here in La Manzanilla on the night of Thursday, March 10th.

Let's just say that the "event" at our beach commenced at about 2 p.m. in the afternoon of Friday, March 11th.

Speed of the wave? 735 kilometers / hour!!! or about 457 miles / hour!!!

The latest version of the 747 has a normal speed of 570 miles / hour. Wave is doing 80% of a 747.

So, think of that the next time you're on the mud flats driving outside of Ajijic and you look down and you're at 120 km / hr (OK 145 for some of you) and you're at about 1/6th the speed of that wave!

Power indeed!!!


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