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Delicious afternoon swim

Posted by anne on April 11, 2011, 10:34 am

What a great swim I had yesterday--several hours. Intermitant choppy swells.

I left from Fiesta Mexicana, headed toward the Rocks that divide the inner and outer bay. The currents were fairly strong, so each stroke took me out toward the bay. So, decided to swim the coastline, toward the south, but far out past the incoming waves. This worked. Arrived at Mike B's boat and shooed off several pelicans using it as a 'dumping post'. The waters are still so murky I couldn't even see his boat below water when only a few feet from it...

As I approached this 'inner' smaller area (from Daniel's office to the jardin), jellyfish were fairly thick. This is because this inner area is the armpit of the whole Tenacatita Bay. All trash, yukky stuff, dead stuff, etc, gets swooshed into this area as it has no direct currents to keep it cleared out.

So, to avoid the jellyfish, I turned and headed out. No more jellyfish. Had to go in zig zags due to the currents.

At one point I saw Richard sailing in my direction and called out to him, hoping to tag along or climb aboard. He heard me, stopped, but didn't see me waving, so continued on. Next time....

As I approached the Rocks, the swells became larger, like I LOVE them. I love love the larger swells of the 'outer' bay. I feel like a dolphin riding up one side and down the other.

I stayed a while at the Rocks, talking to the seabirds there, my habit. The Brown Boobies (Bobo Cafe)are numerous and I always have an interaction with them. They take turns flying over me--about 3 feet above my head and hover. They seem to have 'pecking order' status on the Rocks. One will be sitting on the Rock and for some reason another incoming one will decide he wants to be in that very same place. Never mind there's lots of room on the Rock. He will land on top of the other Brown Boobie and try to dislodge him from his perch. It's hilarious. A flutter ensues with the loser moving off to find another perch site. Chistoso. (However, I have read that they are clumsy landers and possibly they are unable to land exactly where they want to and it's pure accident that they land on top of another one.)

"Bird by bird, I've come to know the earth". Neruda


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