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Posted by Tim Edwards on April 15, 2011, 2:36 pm, in reply to "to Gail"

I want to chime in to support Mark's effort for us to try to use the correct word when we are describing some of the more nefarious things that unfortunately are occurring more often in LM.

I learned a few years ago to check the body of the message when someone posted that they were 'robbed'.
I would usually be relieved to discover they were burglarized which is better than being robbed.

Most of the events we have experienced in the past few years were (like what happened to us) opportunistic burglaries. We left the door open and someone came in and took something. What we have seen more of lately could be more correctly called robbery that involves "breaking and entering" or forced entry. That means they broke or forced something in order to gain entry or exit.

To answer one question posed to Mark, what Madoff did is called fraud.

I must confess that what has happened to Marsha, Julie and Victor, Julie and Rusty and David Olive and others whom I forget, is much more troubling. I do hope that all of us will be more vigilant in closing up (like I do in the States), not leaving valuable stuff sitting out and that there will be more effort and success to apprehend the folks that are doing this.

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