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Vida y Muerte

Posted by mokita on April 28, 2011, 7:27 pm

The sun fell and broke into a thousand pieces that were floating on the sea and moved slowly.

And I left my body on the sand that smells like a graveyard and my soul flew to the mountains where the cross is looking down listening to the dogs barking in the distance.

The air was sad and blue and the moon announcing it's arrival with a silver and cooper glow, and my naked soul vulnerable like the delicate orchids that live up on the gigantic tescalamas in Las Joyas protected by the duendes.

I felt the presence of my dead, with out fear, with out thinking in my own mortality but with the sensation of butterfly's in my bowels

I extent my arms and swing in the air till I reach the iglesia where the virgin Mary reigns dressed with stars and the blue sky.

Unreal and fragile, sublime like the sea foam that came from different worlds.
sleepless night without darkness claimed by the sun and the moon living no space for darkness patched in the middle for angels that smells like the sea and wild flowers without color that grow in the streets with puddles where the moon reflect its image without fear of death.

silence gives way to magic and the sea breeze invade everything and gets into your body and soul in the sap of life that makes you float in the air and take you up into the sky.

rain that wet your sences and leave a smell of newborn life and awake your soul and make grow white teresitas on it.

In la manzanilla nobody dies they pass onto a better life.



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