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Posted by Dobie on June 4, 2011, 1:38 pm

Carlos Ramírez, president of La Huerta, met with the Secretario de Gobierno, Fernando Guzmán, when he came to the coast a few days ago to reiterate that the municipality should get the concession for Tenacatita beach when Rodenas' expires in January, 2012. He said the municipality WILL NOT renew the concession for Rodenas, and that all the proper papers have been filed with SEMARNAT (the environmental agency) for the municipaltiy to take over the concession and begin to revive the economy.

A bunch of us went to Cihuatlan on Wed. when representative of various state agencies were having a huge event, bringing the various agencies to the town so people could register for the different services (health, eduction, land issues, etc.). The jardin was packed. We put up several tarps and banners (see attached foto), and a representative from the governor's office came to speak with us. He wanted to have a dialog; most of the group felt like he was just trying to get us away from the main area where people were giving speeches, etc. Eventually we decided to speak with him so he couldn't say that he wanted to help us but we wouldn't talk to him.

I think he was afraid we were going to do something disruptive (I don't know what) because he was sweating and trembling. Basically he said he'd pass our concerns on to the governor, but that it was a federal issue, or a judicial issue, or we should come to Guadalajara to meet with the governor's office (how many times have we tried that, to no avail?). Lots of blah, blah, blah. But the good thing is that there were reporters there and even the mariachi band made a comment saying that they hoped the people of Tenacatita were able to go back to work at the beach and that everyone else could go enjoy it.

This is an article from the newspaper La Jornada:

On Wed. June 15, there's a meeting scheduled with the secretary to the President. Diputado David Hernandez will be there, along with several of the team of lawyers and some representatives from El Rebalsito. The others times people went to Mexico, the government had put out an agreement they wanted the ejido to sign. Since it totally favored Rodenas, they refused to sign. Apparently, now they want to know what we want, which is the same as what we've always wanted - free access to the beach, Rodenas retreats to his supposed 42 hectares, and everyone is indemnified for the destruction to their property. The lawyers feel confident that the tide has turned and that good things are going to start happening. Of course it's hard to get too excited, (haven't we heard this before?)
but at least there's movement, which seems like a good thing.

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