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Posted by Bret B on June 14, 2011, 4:32 pm, in reply to "CFE Bills"

Hi Rick, I'd say you're in the ball park compared to Donna and I, although somewhat higher than us. It sounds like we have similar habits to you, except we have 1 less kid, no pressure tank pump, no dryer. Like you, we have no A/C, nor pool, just a lot of fans, and mostly CFL bulbs. We were also gone on trips for 6 weeks during this period, leaving only the fridge plugged in. We do watch a fair amount of TV and use the computer a lot. 120V service only.

Our average useage the last 6 months has been 228 KWh per 60-day billing period (33% less than yours.) Our average for the same period in 2010 was 235 KWh (maybe becasue we were home more last year?)

I haven't compared too many bills, but the few people I know with much higher useage had either pools or A/C to blame.

The one foreigner I know with significantly lower useage than us is an energy-saving fanatic who uses the TV and PC less then an hour or so per day, and keeps everything unplugged at all times they are not in use.

I'm just glad we have been able to make do without A/C for the 4 summers we've been here so far. There aren't that many places in the world you can do OK without heating OR A/C. Someday we may break down and put a small A/C in the bedroom to use at bedtime only, especially if we ever have visitors in the summer. Some of our relatives would probably end up in the hospital if they tried to sleep in our house in June (or )

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