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Posted by Cyberpueblo on June 24, 2011, 4:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Tenacatita News"

Here is a quick summary.
John Frost
David Hernández Pérez is accusing the Secretaría de la Reforma Agraria (SRA) of bucking under pressure from the governor who has "interests in the zone". He calls the whole thing unjust citing the fact that the state allowed Rodenas to take more than the contested fort two acres as proof that there is corruption at work. The diputados were absolved of wrongdoing in the Tenacatita case (gate pulling etc) and they offer papers to prove it. Villalobos is threatening to sue them, they have dared him through this article to bring it on.The diputados claim there is a lot of support for getting justice by closing highway 200, the major artery between Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta. He claims that the Secretaría de la Reforma Agraria (SRA) didn't even look at many legal papers that would have supported the ejidatarios' cause.
Villalobos claims he isn't particularly pleased with the Reforma Agraria giving him the right in this since it is something they should have done long ago. Regardless, he says benignly, he is working to create a clinic there and is employing 60 people from Rebalsito and that more will start to realize just how great an opportunity this is. He says there are also plans to build a water treatment plant and some wells that will benefit the villagers. He says he plans on building everything from ultra luxury homes and boutique hotels to moderately priced places to stay. He says that he is confident that he will be getting the concession for the beach again when it renews in 2013. (I didn't know he had it now). He wants to start a hotel school to train the people in Rebalsito and other nearby places to be hotel servants. He claims the Diputados acted illegally and for only personal reasons and says he will sue them if they show up again.
The ejido blames the Secretaría de la Reforma Agraria (SRA) for the mess they are in. They were given papers saying they had that land in 1972 and now they want to wash their hands of it. Salvador Magaña Martínez, a main ejido lawyer says that they were given president backd paper in 72 which were reinforced again by president Vicente Fox Quesada 2000-2006. He blames the Reforma Agraria people and tells them they have to come clean up their mess. He cites that there is proof of wrongdoing by the state in that they allowed Villalobos to take way more than even he said he owned. He claimed that came to their conclusion without any investigation. The inhabitants of Rebalsito are ready to close the highway where they have land to prove that the state will only protect the rights of the developers. The people have waited patiently for a resolution they were told many times would come. The diputados, insted of helping the cause, hurt it by giving false hope and by dividing the town by creating meeting that did not include all players. He said it turned out to just be PRI politics.
Townspeople will sue Rodenas for taking more than 42 acres. (I see this as a bad sign because they are basically saying that the 42 are clear) This sounds like an appeal since they tried to sue Rodenas (case 799/10) and it was ruled they didn't have enough proof that the lands were theirs. Villalobos lawyer claims there wasn't a resolution to that appeal (why would he say that?) and that a high ranking judge had ruled that the judge in Autlán didn't have the authority to order the eviction of August 4, 1910. Apparently both of those resolutions could be thrown out. (Sorry to be so unclear but this article makes no sense in places.) They are going to sue Rodenas for taking over 100 acres instead of 42. The ejido lawyer says that it is obvious the state is an accomplice because they allowed him to take way more that he should have been able to take by any stretch and that they allowed him also to block a state highway. He accuses the governor of being in cahoots and says there is a trend of this with the PAN. They illegally sent police to hit men women and children. They finalize the article talking about a rift between the diputados and Salvador Magaña Martínez, a member of the PT party who was also part of the comission to find solutions for Tenacatita. He claims he was left out of important meetings schedules but the PRI diputados.

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