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Posted by Don Binkley on July 1, 2011, 1:38 pm, in reply to "Re: Summer reading"

Daniel what you're pissed at in this book is partially true. Unfortunately even good writers bend over to a level that is below their intelligence to get the attention of those potential readers (book purchasers) who would just blow off the point they are attempting to get across to readers...

Since you like to be considered a non-bookreader, what would get your attention? The earlier books this guy wrote didn't sell worth a shit...I mean you can pick em up on Amazon for a couple bucks. Now I don't get what you mean to say it your thought that respected data can be manipulated....sure!! Isn't that what we call propaganda? Isn't that what both political parties in the US ..oh yeah and the TEA party...lay on us daily thru the media, newspapers and the internet?

I guess you mean to say that's it's all bullshit anyway and you only wish to support what reinforces your beliefs.

I don't know what Jorge C. plans to convince me to believe in re: Mexico and Mexican citizens; in this newly released book. I am looking at what is printed on the dust jacket and I know from friends who write, that this is not necessarily written by the author but rather by a bunch of publicity junkies who work for Alfred A. Knopf..a huge book I would much rather trust the earlier work published by the New Press, NY and endorsed by Business Week and the Village Voice, I mean like polar opposites who agree in what the author says!

I know you don't believe half the crap coming across your internet window on the world, so just remember that there are a lotta bloggers out there writing plenty of crap without anything to back up the crap they spew.

On the face of it; this book has a preface, and 9 chapters with at least 17-49 footnotes for each chapter so it is really meant to be a scholarly piece of work for others to reference.

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