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Attempted burglary

Posted by D on July 31, 2011, 9:46 pm
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I waited almost a day to post this so I wouldn't come of too crazy.

4 am, I'm sitting at my desk, out of the corner of my eye I see movement, I look
to see a person hunched over in the sneak position coming from the door to my
living quarters and almost to Loka Lara's palapa. I yell HEY! I get my machete
which is right beside me and go out to see where the person went, they were
not to be found. I couldn't believe the balls of this person, there is a very
bright light which covers the entire patio, they were counting on my not
looking up from the computer screen as the only deterrent to being discovered!
For some unknown reason I had locked the door to that area when I went to the
office so they could not get in. I wondered if they had done that move before and
not been detected? I have a little thing about people trying to steal shit
from me, I really don't dig it at all. Out front of my office there was a bicycle
against the curb that was not there when I went to sleep. For the next 30 minutes
I was going out front suddenly and then walking around my area (with machete in hand)
hoping to catch the thief off guard. Thank God I did not find him cause
as much as I may have tried to control my anger the shit would have gone down
big time. Who the hell is this person that has the balls to try a move like that?
Obviously someone who has gotten away with such daring maneuvers in the past
and is now getting careless. Very careless, both with his safety and my freedom.

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