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Posted by dobie on August 11, 2011, 3:03 pm, in reply to "Enrique Alfaro's visit to the coast"

GUADALAJARA, Jalisco (07/AGO/2011) .- This weekend, Enrique Alfaro toured some towns in the South Coast region of Jalisco, as part of the work has been carried out as Citizens Alliance State Policy Group in recent weeks, and Alfaro said, "will intensify in the four remaining months of this year."

In a statement reported that the working visit was to visit three towns in this region: Autlán, La Huerta and Cihuatlán, with the aim of going slowly, strengthening a political structure that aims to transform political life in Jalisco.

Autlán was the first town you visited Enrique Alfaro, in which, later on Friday night gave a press conference with local media to publicize the guiding principles are to Citizens Alliance and the way in which is organizing citizens, municipality by municipality.

Alfaro said that the purpose may sound pretentious, but at 11 months the 2012 elections can still change the future of Jalisco and Mexico. He noted that "every day there are more people convinced that all political parties have moved away from the interests of the people," and that the alternative is to build citizen proposals competing for the public power which is a fundamental task to completely rethink the political direction of our state and country.

He noted that this may be possible since he has already done it once. He said this principle was built a project that won the government Tlajomulco, "with this premise we have an efficient government, which is proving you can do things differently and with this success story we are trying to create with those who match This causes the belief that you can do battle next year, and that the organization of people, there is the possibility of building a competitive proposal for Jalisco. "

At a press conference, Alfaro said at least 50 Citizens Alliance will visit the most important municipalities of the state in the next 4 months, and that such courses will be from Friday afternoon through Sunday not to miss his duties as mayor of Tlajomulco .

He said the Citizens' Alliance movement is Jalisco, which aims to break with the logic of the parties, "our movement is inclusive, the colors and the letters do not change things." "The difference is made by people," so the starting point is to raise awareness so that next year people can vote for the best.

Alfaro was very emphatic that no phobias Citizens Alliance party. He said, "let's define a proposal and vision for Jalisco and from there we will find out which party or parties they want to endorse." Later this year will be defined by which party to go to the race.

That same Friday night, Enrique Alfaro had a meeting with about 120 people in the room Autlán ejido, which addressed the objectives of the State Policy Group, and the general terms of his visit to the region.

On Saturday morning, continuing with the scheduled visits in the area, Alfaro met with affected residents and the Rebalsito Tenacatita. At the meeting, expressed solidarity with those affected and proposed that when candidates for state government, "expect a commitment to sign on notary public, a commitment to free all the beaches in Jalisco," what he said, he pointed out ever since.

As part of his tour, Enrique Alfaro had two meetings, one in La Costa, La Huerta delegation and another in Cihuatlán in Casino Plaza de Toros. At both meetings, with approximately 150 people each, Alfaro said, in addition to the claims of Citizens Alliance, which according to some official data, in La Huerta and Cihuatlán 40% of children and young people between 15 and 17 do not attend school and that 80% of young people between 18 and 24, are not going to school. For this situation, Alfaro said and called for people to put their hands in public affairs so this will not remain the same and said, "I invite you with great respect that we take our laziness and the idea that you can not do nothing. No one can restrain the power of organized people. I firmly believe that if everyone joins, you can build the alternative to Jalisco. "

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