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Re: beach internet?

Posted by z on August 22, 2011, 4:43 pm, in reply to "Re: beach internet?"

It certainly will work on the beach north of town and in Boca as well. As long as you have a cell phone through Telcel, you can buy the 500 peso Telcel Amigo card, which is good for 3GB of data. It is a myth that it's only good for 30 days, it's actually good for up to 60 days from when you activate that card, which is simply done by replacing the sim in your cell with the sim from Telcel that you get initially, and then each time you need to recharge, you buy another card from Telcel, and then replace your cell's sim with the internet sim that you are using in the USB Data Stick, (that piece of equipment is needed) which can easily be purchased in the USA, Canada, Europe, and even in Mexico at any Telcel store. One other bit of info., after you add the card onto your phone with the Internet sim in the phone, you then need to text BAT30, and send it to 5050. It sounds a little complicated, and is, until you do it, then you can access Internet pretty much anywhere in Mexico that has adequate access to a Cell Tower, which Boca definitely does. It's not sizzling speed, and if you start watching you tube videos and other stuff that uses lots of megabytes, you will quickly burn through your 3 gigabytes of Data. I use my Magic Jack with it, for calls to the USA, and it works great, better than with Skype. I've learned how to limit my Internet usage to those things which don't use lots of megabytes, and 500p seems to last between 30-60 days for me. There is also a slightly better option rather than prepaid, where you pay a little less than that 500p per month for 5 gigs of data, but you would need a physical mailing address, for the billing, and you have to make an 18 month commitment, which is why many of the 6 month tourists, just go with the prepaid Telcel Amigo program. Basically as long as you get a cell signal where you are, it will work. I don't know anything about the iphone option, yet I guess it's similar, according to Willy. Hope this helps, just go to Telcel and speak with them about the program, they will gladly set you up, it's a pretty decent option, and for me, it's the only option.

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