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Adios to La Manzanilla.....

Posted by deanna on September 6, 2011, 7:34 pm

This is really hard to write but I want everyone to know how
much we've enjoyed our 10 years here in this very special little town. When people ask us what it is we'll miss the most, the answer is always "the people" - those smiles when you walk down the street, the feeling of friendship even when you don't really know the person you're smiling at -there aren't many places on the planet where this happens. When I look out at the wonder that is La Manzanilla in the summer I do wonder why we're leaving, but it's time for a new adventure and we can always come back (can't we??).

Another thing I'll miss is this message board. I learn something new every time I log on and, among other things, would have missed reading Mokita's amazing remembrances of his childhood in a very different but truly magic La Manzanilla if Daniel hadn't provided this resource. I hope someone encourages Mokita to publish his stories so future La Manzanillans can experience the same feeling of wonder
about those early days. I could almost smell incense and burning candle wax when he told about sitting in the unfinished iglesia as a child, looking up into the night sky during mass.

I'll continue to read this board and hope that you'll all keep in touch with us over the next few years. Our e-mail address will remain the same. And I PROMISE not to give any extraneous weather advice - Bret will do a great job, I'm sure. Think of us if you see a hurricane heading across the Yucatan peninsula - they rarely hit Merida but that would be an adventure we really don't want to have.

Adios to everyone, and many thanks for all the good wishes
and expressions of friendship. We'll miss you all!

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