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Fear Day

Posted by D on November 4, 2011, 8:14 am, in reply to "Re: Google research"
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That is so sad Bruno. Perhaps you could give us a complete list of words
we should not say or Google, then we can be really safe! Then we could have
a new holiday which we could call Fear Day, a day that we remember when
we stopped learning or talking about things going on in the world.

I wonder what this woman would have to say about your suggestion?
Go to the 15 min 35 seconds mark and watch for 2 minutes

Here is a transcript

Reporter - Gloria Arenes helped found an insurgent peoples revolutionary army, she used
to go by the name comandante Auroa. She spent 10 years in prison, serving time for
the crime of rebellion. No longer a guerrilla, she still refuses to put the armed
struggle against social movements which choose more peaceful tactics.

Gloria - They are two expressions of the same movement.

Reporter - Gloria met Ramiro when he was 18 and had just joined the ERPI. She
reflected on the price he and others had paid for standing up to the powerful
intersection of State and commercial forces operating in Guerrero.

Gloria - It's a very high price and it shouldn't be that way. I don't think
anyone wants - I don't think Ramiro would have thought "I want to die, let
them kill me, let them assassinate the people from the villages".
The other price is to remain silent. The purpose of the fear they want
to instill in us as a society, is to keep us silent and paralyzed.
And the saddest thing would be for us to pay this high cost, that they keep
killing people and on top of that we remain silent, because then they'd succeeded.

Reporter - But Gloria believes that the politics of fear can be countered.

Gloria - There is a proposal called autonomy, and it's a practical proposal,
in the society from below, different from all those options that have been tried
and that we see don't work. It's to say fine, we have no choice but to take our
destiny into our own hands.
If the authorities come only to repress, rob, and
put us down, we will organize ourselves as communities and make decisions that
affect us. That is autonomy.


On the anonymous issue see if this statement from the Chaos Computer Club (C3)helps
Go to 20 minutes 4 seconds.

Whatever our role is, it is certainly not to deny freedom of speech to people or
organizations who donít like freedom of speech. This whole Anonymous thing
is so getting on my nerves. People ask me "Anonymous" That is the hackers
striking back, right?" And then I have to explain that unlike Anonymous,
people in this community would probably not issue press release with our real names
in the PDF metadata. And that if this community were to get involved, the targets would
probably be offline more often. This is a mental maturity issue: our community has
generally succeeded in giving black belts in computer security karate only to
people that have proven a certain level of mental maturity. Yes, some of us could probably
do some real damage to Paypal and Mastercard. But then we also understand that no good
comes from that.

The entire keynote speech is good if you have the time to absorb it.

Perhaps the five million Google results should turn into 50 million.

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