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Fruit Flies

Posted by Valerie on November 12, 2011, 10:55 am

I got SO frustrated with the number of fruit flies in the house that I ran to my computer and googled "how to get rid of fruit flies". They were all some deviation of this: put a small amount of rotting fruit in the bottom of a container that the fruit flies can see through (they used a firm plastic container with a form fitting lid; we used a canning jar). In their demonstration the woman punctured small holes in the top of her lid and we created a cone with a coffee filter with small hole in the tip. This we placed it in a downward facing direction into the jar, and secured the cone. Dave also added a wee dram of rum to the mix.

I then washed all the fruit and bowls and placed the fruit in the fridge.

Within one hour (NO KIDDING) a bunch of fruit flies were in the jar. This morning we have taken the fruit out and left the rum ~ and we still have no fruit flies in the house. This is so easy that I will always have this jar on my counter.

Just thought I'd share . . .

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