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They cam in through the bathroom window....

Posted by stephanie on December 2, 2011, 5:23 pm

Okay..that used to be a favorite song of mine...but now it has a new meaning as last night someone entered my house through the bathroom window while I was sleeping. It was not a good feeling to wake up this morning and walk into the bathroom and see some items missing, not much of value, but that is not the point. I am sure all who have ever had someone come in their house, rented or owned, with dogs or not and yes, mine seemingly did not hear anything either, know that this is a very serious violation of space.

Since coming back to Lamans six weeks ago I have heard of four break-ins...three come from my local neighbors. They did not report this matter as they know nothing will be done by local officials. Those of us from the North think the same but we go through the reporting thing and make the run to LaHuerta in hopes that something may happen to damper those that violate our space. And...we have learned that does not work a waste of time..and are frustrated. I tried a different tactic. I decided to go to the schools with a Mexican friend and talk with the Directors about having an assembly on how nasty it is to enter a persons home and take their belongings. And neighbors think the intruder is a young person and I as well because of the items taken.

The schools were closed today. So I went to the Delegado and talked with him for 45 minutes about how not cool this attitude there needs to be police presence here and all the rest....he told me to calm down...and I was calm...but then I turned the tables and asked him how he would feel if he was away and someone entered his house while his wife slept. Now we have some action.

On this coming Monday he will join me to talk with the Directors of both schools here in LM and ask them to have the police come and talk about home invasions and the lack of respect that goes with it. So I walked away calm...and hope this will help remind those involved that this is bad behavior and has consequinces...sp?

Thanks for all the kind words I received on the streets...for the lovely earrings given to me by the tianges jewelry folks and to the Delegado for listening and working to help solve this problem. Stephanie

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