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Taking and giving...

Posted by stephanie on December 5, 2011, 6:18 pm

Thought it time for a new thread on the problem of taking....things that are not yours to in stealing...a violation of another's property or space.

Thanks to all who have called or stopped me on the street to express their views. I appreciate the smallness of this community and the care it gives when something like this happens.

And for this board so others can share their thoughts as well.

Today I met with the Delegado and several other locals to talk with the Director at the Telesecondaria. We went unannounced and were greeted cordially. We then went on to talk about how the school deals with this subject. It is taught in the civility classes. They know of the problem, address it and are concerned as well. However, they seem to believe that person's involved are older, perhaps have not had the advantage of more education and at this point have little or no work...hence, breaking and entering as a means to have a small income.

We all agreed that the time is now for organizing a small group to get the wheels moving to educate, enhance and hopefully slow this breaking into houses thing down. So it was suggested that we meet again with members of both the visiting house-owners and members of the local community and work together with LaHuerta, the Ejido and the Delegado. The local economy suffers when these stories surface and noone wants that as it will just inflate the problem.

In the next several weeks we will have more meetings and agreed to get this group together asap.

My feelings, and I had to think about this quite a bit...a reward system encourages people to profit from tellig on one another and promotes more speculation...for personal profit. Seems hard to imagine it working in a small community that is so inter-related..and frightened. Fear does so much more harm than solving the problem at hand.

Just my thoughts...thanks, Stephanie

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