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Softball/Baseball-Thanks to the Community

Posted by Tia Richardson on December 17, 2011, 11:59 am

Better late than never….
We just recently had the pleasure of participating with the softball/baseball program starting up in La Manzanilla. Thanks to Coaches Patti & Andy for spear-heading the start of a softball/baseball introduction to the kids.
I personally had the opportunity to play several times with the local kids and I had a great time! There are so many talented young players here in La Manzanilla and most importantly they all really enjoyed learning the sport. I had 4 practice sessions with a large group of kids outside of their normal practice days: Friday at 4pm at the campo. We had a great turnout – especially for not being officially announced. Just start a game of ‘street-ball’ and everyone can join in.

Thought there would have been a few more girls playing with us, but we eventually convinced more to come play and they appeared to have a great time. The girls always asked when we would be practicing again – because they would really like to be involved. It was so great to see all kids get a chance to try a new activity.
I wanted to extend my thanks to all of the people that donated equipment and time to start this program. It was very nice to meet you and discuss youth sports. Thanks to Coaches Patti & Andy for letting us borrow the equipment so many times. Thanks to Filipe for all of your involvement. Thanks to Daniel for having this message board, that has so influenced the development of the program.

Thanks to my daughter, Macy, who excitedly shared her knowledge of the game with the kids. I’m grateful to all of the local parents and my daughter who helped with translations.
*** But a special thanks to all of the kids involved – we really had a great time and loved playing ball with you. ***

Best wishes for continued fun times.

Tia, Toby, & Macy Richardson

(would really appreciate this being translated to Spanish to be posted as well- anyone?)

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