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Re: atardecer de la vida

Posted by Dave T. on December 18, 2011, 1:42 am, in reply to "atardecer de la vida"

Very nice!! In English:

The sunset is a start of a night and then the promise of a new day.

Blessed are those who will live day by day, that you smell Respro coconuts, mangoes and sea salt, he plans in his mind the place to be buried without comment.

Night after night I lived intensely delivered to you in body and soul, with my pockets full of magic and sand from the beach.

With the simplicity that only gives the ignorance of the existence of human evil, watching the ships passing in the distacia as spaceships hovering over the sea.

Blessed is he who lives in you and calls you his people, who walks barefoot through the streets till the beach, or look at the questions to Orizont beyond the sea.

The spbre flying in your mind you without touching you and loves you not screaming out of her mouth, tears in her eyes.

And you do not change because heres a gift from God, eternal as air and sun, like the stones that eventually combierten sand.

Blessed is he who dies on you because you will have a funeral and never will be forgotten magic.

Blessed are those who feel your embrace and deliver you to the heart of so much love in return.

With dead people are not forgotten, people of color and magic, the town where the Virgin Mary lived.

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