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Re: Attempted entry

Posted by Tomas on December 23, 2011, 4:33 pm, in reply to "Re: Attempted entry"

For my protection from burglery, I have devised an early warning system which I hope would alert me if someone was around my house at night.

For instance, in the back of my house last year I distributed dry leaves and branches under the windows so someone walking there could be heard. This year we planted agave plants under the windows, you know what those spikes are like. I also ran a string across the back yard in a very dark spot with a bell on it and laid a ladder on its side across the back. This would trip the intruder or at least make a noise when the ladder fell over.

In the front, I distributed dark wine bottles under the windows, so a unknowing burgler would set off a noise like a bowling alley. (Bottles could also be placed under windows inside the house) I also remembered that a bare foot print was found at Ray's house after a breakin. This prompted me to put prickly branches under the windows to catch a barefoot invader.


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