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Posted by Marilyn on January 4, 2012, 10:01 am

First it was so sad to hear of the shooting in Melaque and quite concerning for others who are here and want to come here. How sad for the family and the community of Salt Springs.

In regard to dogs, in the past 10 days I saw a beautiful small dog wwho obviously belonged to someone with a collar, who had just been killed along side the road It was on Maria Assuncation between the church and the school. Then last night about 6:30PM a driver was trying to avoid kids on bikes and a little dog was on the road and ran rght under the back tire in the same area near the grocery store a block before the school. It wasn't the driver's fault as he probably never saw the dog. I stood and watched in horror as I new it was going to get hit when it started running. The driver stopped as he heard people screaming probably also distressed Earlier in the day I saw a dog in the middle of the road nearly get hit by the bus.

People here do not seem to take very good care of their dogs and just let them run loose, but there are others who have well mannered dogs who are in their stores and don't run the streets. It is easier for the cars to see the big ones but the small dogs especially after dark are difficult to see.

I have had dogs all my life until the past couple of years and never had a dog hit by a car because we took responsibility for our pets.


  • Dogs - Marilyn January 4, 2012, 10:01 am
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