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Posted by z on January 4, 2012, 11:12 am, in reply to " Bars etc."

Sad news indeed! I understand much of the discussion going on and hope there is a happy resolve. Having lived in several low land tropical towns in various Countries throughout Latin America, including La Manzanilla, I've seen the prevalence of crime gradually, but sometime more drastically, get worse. And what's really shocking, is that violent crime which was not seen before, has now become somewhat common. It's really not only the Lowland tropics, as I've also seen the progression of crime in Guatemala, during the years I lived around Lake Atitlan. I sense from what I've observed the last 20 years, that the situation in La Manzanilla will get even worse, this most recent situation in Melaque is a big time warning, and it seems to have really gotten plenty of attention.
Hiring an armed force for protection, which does not have to be anything huge, and could consist of a local work crew, may be an effective way to minimize these occurrences, but the crime is not going to end. Too many easy opportunities! Until the blatant expression of wealth is not present, which as it exists now and is expanding with the influx of foreigners, these developments, which obviously stand in stark contrast to the locals standard of living, the crime will continue. That is reality.
I am very saddened by the death of Robin, he appears to have been a very sweet Man. Live life like it's the last day, or better yet, like it's your first...

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