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Re: Canadian man killed in Melaque Tuesday morning

Posted by john on January 4, 2012, 11:50 am, in reply to "Canadian man killed in Melaque Tuesday morning"

i have known this area for 13 years. 5 full time now. i dont think i have ever heard of anyone being killed during a robbery. i think someone got shot in the arm or something but i dont know the circumstances. i know ruben the comandante. he was a cop in los angeles i believe. i am very sure he misunderstood the question or was misquoted. in my experience here this is more than rare. it is unheard of. i did not see or read much of the news. i will ask ruben when i see him again. the only death involving home or personal invasion i have heard of previosly around here was i believe tenacatita. i heard someone was invading a gringas house and she shot him with a flair gun. i believe he died. i feel much safer and happier in mexico than canada and the u.s. when the system goes down as it just might this year i believe the chances of survival will be much greater and more fun here. obamas administration gave the people a new years gift. on dec. 31 he signed the n.d.a.a. they have rescinded habeas corpus. anyone there can be held indefinately with no charges filed and no judge or jury. if you disagree with carpet bombing iran you could end up in gitmo. VIVA MEXICO. VIVA LA MANZ, MELAQUE, BARRA, VILLA OBREGON. VIVA TODO EL MUNDO.
if anyone should need a safe place to camp or park a motorhome or whatever please contact john or carlos at ecocamping in los ingenios. 2 km. across the highway from la manazanilla. cold cheap beer 15 pesos, very big trees,many birds,fantastic hiking up an arroyo to a ghost town,temascal,sress reduction,self hypnosis and healing insuction by donation. my profound sadness and best wishes to all in this situation. hang in there arly. ecocamping 351 104 0449

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