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Posted by shane on January 4, 2012, 12:04 pm, in reply to "Crime"

Ever wonder why glass is embedded along the tops of walls and windows have bars on them . Why the outsides of homes look shabby while the interiors are beautiful. This is life in Mexico and will continue as such as it has for centuries. It has been a nice safe ride for the last 20 years in Mexico. Money has been flowing south from worker family members in the north , jobs through trade and tourism have increased .
Peoples expectations of a better life have been on the increase. Well that is all changing now as those income streams dry up. You cannot expect the same common courtesy / safety & respect for tourist visitors that has been the norm for some time. People are getting hungry ,
food / drugs / envy/ does it really matter why . Familiarity breeds contempt. Its up to you to pay attention to the times if you want to be safe . What do the locals do ? See opening sentence . You may have to circle the wagons for a while.

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