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I live in Mexico FULL TIME - my 2 pesos worth

Posted by ElkeG on January 4, 2012, 7:10 pm, in reply to "Re: Canadian man killed in Melaque Tuesday morning"

Noticeably absent are comments from the year-rounders, wringing hands, pulling out hairs, making plans to move because of Robin's unfortunate demise.

Vern and I moved to Melaque permanently in 2009 and this will probably be our home until we die. Deaths occur everywhere, we do not live in a PERFECT world.

Last year, two men were executed in front of the Melaque hotel ruins, just around the corner from where we live.

Earlier this summer, the owner of the Jaluco Pemex station was shot and killed and his wife was injured.

A couple of years ago, a son (?) of the Alondra hotel owner in Barra was killed.

Witchita (on tomzap) reported a couple of deaths not too long ago, and no one asked questions.

This death would have been a "oh well - shit happens" to us - but we knew both people involved, THAT made it a shocker and much more personal.

For those of you who spend your winters here or plan to vacation here - this could have happened and probably has happened where you live NOB. Same with the burglaries. Happened to me, when I was here by myself during the summer a couple of years ago. I felt violated. And put bars on the the doors and windows. We lock the house up tight when we go anywhere. We have a dog.

If our house gets burglarized despite all the precautions, maybe they need it more than we do. Gringos are not the only victims. Our Mexican friends have the same problem, be it a bicycle, a gas cylinder, someone cutting thru the bars and taking everything of value.

My advice to the part-timers: stop living in Margaritaville. Learn Spanish. Get to know your neighbors. Get involved with the community. Those of us who live here full time, do. VIVA MEXICO, a beautiful country filled with warm, caring and fun people.

We'll have a Melaque community beach clean up coming up within the next couple of weeks. Would be nice to see some of the Melaque part timers out there helping, instead of griping about the trash. We did it all summer, we live here and we care....

My 2 pesos worth....


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