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Posted by D on January 4, 2012, 8:30 pm

The sun was just setting, a couple school's of small fish jumped out of
the water, there was a big splash from the large fish that was chasing them.
Mike threw his lure right into the Frey, I yelled out "get em Mike" a couple
of seconds later his pole bent over hard and he yelled out Yahoo!
The capture was on, he was fighting with a small lure and light line,
this would be a great test of fisherman skills to play the fish without
pushing his tackle to the breaking point. I yelled out "Ride em cowboy"!

Mike continued his battle, we all paused to watch the big ball of the sun
go below the horizon. It was not a particularly beautiful sunset but
it was a good one. We only get so many of them in our life span before
we retire to make way for the next set of earthlings. I personally
feel it is a sacrilege to waste any of them. It is a ritual, a duty to be
present as the new day begins. Most feel the new day starts at sunrise,
I see the sunset as the beginning of the new day, or more correctly as the
start of another revolution. End a revolution, start a revolution.
Both a revolution in the truest sense, something spinning while orbiting
while orbiting while orbiting, and a revolution in other way's, like a
revolution against the past to bring on the future and much more.

We played Frisbee, that magical activity of aerodynamics and seeming
skill where you trust the zone of not trying but existing. The beach finally
clear after the holiday crowds. Not that we mind them, the crowds.
To watch families on vacation, children playing on the shore or screaming
as a wave comes in, soccer, volleyball and mariachis, it is the heart
and soul of life on the beach, and in the village too I would imagine.
I have to imagine as I seldom make it outside my tiny world on the shore
here in Mexico.

The evening existed in full glory, appreciated by many and by me, as if it
were the only few hours I had been granted on earth. A life time in a day.

A person's life ended yesterday, by tragedy, unnecessarily.
I am saddened for those directly affected. Events as those punch us in
the heart and it fking hurts. The loss. And its too soon to speak of
the other side of that, but there are other sides.



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