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Re: I live in Mexico FULL TIME - my 2 pesos worth

Posted by Al Reford on January 4, 2012, 9:12 pm, in reply to "I live in Mexico FULL TIME - my 2 pesos worth"

Gracias Elke

This is why this kind of reporting is so inaccurate and lacking the whole truth. i trust you or other full time or long time semi permanent resident will respond to the CBC's request earlier in the thread for an interview. Because it really does an injustice to this beautiful country and this area in particular.

I have been tracking a similar thing with BBC's reporting of Shark encounters in the waters around Australia.. They always report it as a Shark "Attack".... yet when one digs deeper there is always some reason these incidents occur.

There have been many violent home invasion in Victoria and even more in Vancouver.

Instead of focusing on what to do in these situations they do not dig for the facts... this is basic fear mongering that belongs to the yellow journalism of the Hearst empire but is obviously still alive today.

I feel sad for those who are going to be economically affected by this irresponsible reporting.

Still alive and enjoying a beautiful place for a mere two more months

Aloha Al


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