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Re: Murder in Melaque

Posted by Jo Anna on January 7, 2012, 9:10 pm, in reply to "Re: Murder in Melaque"

. . . so is that Zed, Zee, or ZZZZZ?
When I was a teen in Prince George, 500 miles north of Vancouver BC, my parents and their neighbours learned to lock their front doors when working in their back gardens. . . burglaries were happening in this "good" (well, as good as it gets in PG) neighbourhood. That was a looooong time ago.
A woman's head was found in a ditch in upscale Oak Bay in Victoria several years ago.
Last week, a young woman's body was found in her boyfriend's bedroom, shortly after he'd called 911 to report her missing. . . in Toronto.
I'm not saying anything we don't already know. Terrible things happen, with and without provocation.
This dreadful thing that's happened to Robin Wood--we'll all remember him, whether we knew him or encountered him Monday evening, or not--we'll all remember Robin Wood, he with the musical name, he of the gentle face, he with his loving friends and family--we'll all remember Robin Wood.
Must we learn from his death? Probably. Must we share what we've learned? Probably. Must we join in our expressions of grief, our sadness? Yes. Must we learn to look after ourselves a little differently than we have before . . . and look after each other as well. Most definitely.
When my home in Brentwood Bay (a village of a few hundred people near Victoria BC) was entered, some years ago--while I was at home and awake--en el bano, possiblement--I decided that I needed to live differently. This did not mean that I needed to live in fear; it meant that I had to live . . . well, differently. I had to lock behind myself, whether entering or leaving my house. I had to be more aware.
My wee village took on another face, one which I had to accept. As I learned to lock, I chose to not take this action with fear in my heart; I simply locked . . . just as I take off my shoes or turn on the lights.
The bravado of "oh, we never have to lock our doors here" seems to be a thing of the past . . . as it is in PG, OB, Vanc, Vict, or any other number of places we'd like to enumerate.
There have been numerous thoughts, ideas, and feelings put forward in this most valuable forum, and I applaud all who have shared what's on their minds. It's a difficult time for us all . . . as we observe that we must change how we think of our "place", this beautiful place, and of ourselves . . . in relationship to others.
Big questions. Big thoughts. Enormous concerns for us all.
If you've gotten to the bottom of this, you'll realize that I have no solutions, no silver bullet, just a gnawing that longs to be soothed . . . and I don't know how to do that . . . for myself or for you.
As a friend and I used to say when we first visited Mexico forty years ago: "noche, noche."
May your night be peaceful, though, perhaps, a little different from what it was a week ago.
zzzzzzzzzz in peace.

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