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Chicken Manure / Dobie

Posted by Rick (Lyle's Dad) on January 8, 2012, 8:50 am

Sort of directed to Dobie, but really, to anyone that might have access. Chicken Manure. Couple of years ago, Dobie, you were so kind to allow me/us to collect some chicken manure there in Rebalsito (sp). Just wondered if that operation is still up and viable to obtain costalles of chicken manure. I would be more than happy to bring totally new costalle bags and pay for the filled bags to pick up. Just trying to pre-plan some organic matter for later this season and on into next season. If anyone else has a 'line in' on availability of chicken manure, that would be great. Let me know.

We have enjoyed the goat manure we've gathered to date, but, man those goats love to eat thistle weeds and I've had to be very vigilant in the community garden to pull the scads of thistle weeds popping up. Those babies can take over the whole garden in no time flat. So, I would rather not do goat, opting for chicken instead.

Thanks all, Dobie, and anyone who can line me up.


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