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Murder in Melaque - What to Do

Posted by Carol de Cuastecomates on January 8, 2012, 9:55 am

By request of my Mexican friends:

"The community of Melaque/Barra request your presence and support at a meeting on Monday at 10 am in Cihuatlan. The purpose is to show a shared concern between the foreign and Mexican community at the increase in crime at a time when police services, etc. are sorely underfunded. Media and consulate representatives will be present."

The belief, as it was expressed yesterday after seeing what the Mayor had promised, was that it would encourage fulfillment of the Mayor's promises if there was a large turnout of Mexicans and foreigners in Cihuatlan, widely reported in the press, whether he was there or not.

Time and Place: Monday 10 am in Cihuatlin.

Transportation arranged by the Mexican community for all: 2 rented buses leaving the town square in Melaque between 9 - 9:30 am. will provide round trip transportation for about 30 pesos. These are in addition to the regular buses that can be caught in Barra and Melaque. A change of bus may be required at the crossroads outside of Barra on the main highway. Just look at the front of the bus to see if you need to change. All local buses, other than the La Manzanilla bus from Barra stop at the crossroads. (If anyone wants to make this clearer, please have at it.)

This is NOT a political demonstration. It is a gathering to show support for stronger security measures no matter who the elected officials are or aren't. It is perfectly OK for foreigners to attend and, please, do come. This is an extraordinary effort by our Mexican friends and neighbors and they deserve all of our support for a concern that it is equally shared.

People from La Manzanilla, even though in a different are, are encouraged to attend.

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