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Posted by dan crosby on January 13, 2012, 8:58 am

It's been a while coming, but now I can update everyone about the ambulance. The Municipio de La Huerta will be providing an ambulance for the local E.M.T in about a month. From what I've seen, it will be a fully equipped, ready to roll unit. There were some questions about where it would be kept etc. but we got that cleared up at last nights meeting with El Presidente.
Right now I have 44,000 pesos in an account at the Caja Popular. This is the money that I have collected for the purchase of an ambulance. Now that we're going to get one from La Huerta, I feel that I need to ask all of you that have contibuted what you would like to do. I can return your contribution, or I can use it for operational exspenses for the E.M.T.
We're getting an ambulance, but all of the operating money will probably have to come from the local citizens. If those that would like their money returned would give me a call at: 351-5096, I will get back to you right away. This is an new endeavor and I'm not sure how much it will cost(month to month) to operate the service. There's rent for the building, supplies, repairs, gasoline etc.
I want to thank all of you that have contributed and I encourage everyone that would like to make a contribution to please do so. All of the funds will be handled in a responsible manner. I'm very happy to let you know that very soon we will have trained and properly equipped rapid response E.M.T. here!
Once again, my phone: 351-5096


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