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Re: ambulance and police

Posted by stephanie on January 13, 2012, 7:35 pm, in reply to "Re: ambulance and police"

First...Dan what a great job you have done with keeping us in touch with the ambulance going ons. Bravo to you and all the volunteers for seeing this through. And yes, Dan and I talked about various ways the money could be much to put it towards.

My understanding, and possibly my wishful enthsuiasm, is that we can use the Delegation building to house four police personnel to work our pueblo. I visited there today and was met by several locals who volunteered their time and energy to work on this space. There is alot of interest to see this project through. To get this building up and running we need to have an engineer look at the roof, I was told last night that it would not support a second floor. An engineer has been asked to come this coming week for an inspection. A look at the floorplan to add a kitchen and proper bathroom and put up walls for privacy should give us an idea as what we need in the way of money. Materials can be discounted, work can be volunteered and we can all pitch in under the supervision of a maestro and lendc our hands...and we may need to put in some money....for various other items needed. i was not ounder the idea we wanted or asked for ATV's...think several good motorbikes would work...and I personally like the idea of a cop on a bike during the day going around and "knowing" the community, hand's on.

We are setting up a meeting to fine tune some of these points with Senor Ramierez for the next week. Just who pays for what...and what the future costs could be. Lots more questions to be asked but again, I think he was very generous and that results will happen sooner than later. Ojala. Know I am ready to progress with this project.

Thanks to all that came last night...was a great community show of support,mil gracias, Stephanie

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