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Re: Distilled water for CPAP machine

Posted by Ron Smith on January 15, 2012, 3:57 pm, in reply to "Distilled water for CPAP machine"

This might be easier without any special equipment?

The process of how to make distilled water at home:

Start to make your own distilled water at home by filling a 4-5 gallon stainless steel container half full with tap or regular water.
After that, you need to place a round, glass bowl afloat in the water into the pot. Be careful that the bowl should not touch the bottom of the pot. If there is enough water in the steel container, the bowl will easily float. If it seems difficult to float it then you can place a round backing rack on the bottom of the pot to give the glass bowl a support.
Place the lid on the container and fill it with ice. You may remember the rule of condensation; hot steam touches the cold layer. Here hot steams hits cold lid and the condensation will happen.
Now when you set the things like that, turn on the stove and heat the water to a boil. As it continues to boil, it will cause steam to rise and condense on the rounded side of the potís cover. It will then turn back to liquid and fall into the glass bowl inside the pot.
After sometime, remove the lid carefully. Take a potholder or wear gloves to collect the glass bowl from the pot as it will be very hot. Here is your distilled water into that bowl.
Cool the water before pouring it into bottle.

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