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Compost (Mary Jo or Linda Mandala)

Posted by Rick (Lyle's Dad) on January 18, 2012, 4:45 pm

Mary Jo and/or Linda,

Just a shot here. Would either of you have any of the molases de sugar cane left from when Ricardo had that class and brought it from El Gurllo? I have used my stash. If either of you do not have any left, 2 questions. (1) would you know of anyone that was in the class that might? (2) would it be even a remote possibility that either of you ever speak with Ricardo with the thought that perhaps he utilizes this product for his own operation and perhaps I could buy say a 10 litre jug from him or he could bring some to his operation and I'll go get it there?

Suggestions welcome. Just would like to gin up a huge batch of leaves I have gathered and the molases is the real key to getting it done say by May????

Last item. Best I recall, and please give me your recollection as well, the recipe calls for

Leaves (the 'brown material)
Sugar Cane Molases (diluted 10:1 and sprayed on)
Cal (which is powdered lime)
Levadura (sp which is powdered yeast)
Wood Ash
Water so that if you squeeze the leaves you get a drop to fall.
Some fresh cut 'green' items with a ratio of about 1 unit of 'green' to 20 units of 'brown'.

Cover it with black plastic, have it be in the sun, make the pile no more than 3 feet high, make sure you have a good sized pile (mine is 3' high x 5' wide x 15' long right now)
Turn every week or so. Done in perhaps 8 weeks.

Sound about right?



  • Compost (Mary Jo or Linda Mandala) - Rick (Lyle's Dad) January 18, 2012, 4:45 pm
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