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Tolerance and Love

Posted by z on January 19, 2012, 6:15 pm

I was listening to some Mexican music earlier, and I realized how tolerant Mexican people are! I mean, the usual noise that is being masqueraded as music, is most commonly a very loud male screaming, whom is most likely inebriated, along with a group of untrained musicians, whom are probably inebriated. What tolerance these folks have to allow that, and some folks even pretend to like it. Amazing! I'm a bit slow, so learning things doesn't come real easy for me, and despite for Angel pretty much telling me this a while back, I did not get it until now. Better late than never. So one option, as per Angel's sage advice, is to be tolerant of whatever is happening. This does relate to the burglaries there, in that this is another option, tolerate it. I mean most of you all can afford to replace your stolen toys, and as long as nobody gets hurt like in Melaque, then perhaps the best response is greater tolerance. But what do I know, pretty much everything I share on this board, is dismissed entirely, or attacked as some sort of outrageous expression which is way out of line, and offensive, but thank you for your tolerance! Lastly, I get my inspiration these days from two beautiful dogz, who are constantly teaching me about unconditional love, a kind of love which I don't believe I've ever really demonstrated. I can talk about it, but to really do it, that is a whole other level which I don't feel I've embraced yet.

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