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Re: An Idea for solving the Break ins

Posted by z on January 21, 2012, 7:10 pm, in reply to "Re: An Idea for solving the Break ins"

I agree, Stephanie exhibits a balance and maturity about her, a rich asset for the LM Community. As for communication here are a few things to consider; The failure to communicate begins with failing to remember the words of a Jewish sage:“Each person was given two ears and one tongue, so that we may listen more than speak.”
Native Americans have a valuable tradition of using a Talking Stick. The purpose of a Talking Stick is to give the person holding the Talking Stick the honor of speaking while all the others have the duty to listen.
When we marginalize anyone, we minimize ourselves. We fail each other by not remaining open to learn from each other, ourselves, especially when something is being shared that we don't agree with. Everyone's opinion is worthy of being listened to, not just those whom we agree with. Embracing a commitment to remain open to learning in this way, conflicts can be resolved. We also end up with more choices to choose from which gives us a better chance of success. In attempting to shut some people up, we just get more of the same, perpetual conflict, groups of people who shut themselves off to others, in an attempt to create a world of limited belief, and really, this in a way is one root cause of war. I don't want to make this personal, it is not about me, nothing is, but it's a good example; When Jean refers to me as a hemorrhoid, I could easily retaliate in anger, out of insecurity, but I know who I am, and her opinion really does not affect that. Although it may hurt my feelings to be attacked in such a violent way, I respect Jean as a person, and am willing and open to hear what she has to say. Perhaps if I listen, there will be value in whatever she says and I can learn something. Everyone has something valuable to share, everybody! Don't believe what you think, trust in your Heart, that is where true Wisdom resides.
Throughout our evolution as a species, our brains have grown larger, yet have we become more intelligent. I wonder.

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