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Re: Shooting????????

Posted by Abram McKenzie on January 21, 2012, 9:56 pm, in reply to "Re: Shooting????????"

I was in the jardin when the wounded worker arrived looking for help. Fortunately his injury did not appear to be that serious for a gun shot wound. Apparently there was attempted payroll robbery. The "ratero" [robber] was from outside of La Manz as were the workers. Luckily, the other workers caught the "would be" robber and handed him over to the police, and he is now in "carcel" [jail] in La Huerta. Many of the locals that I have talked to about the incident are very worried about the security situation and how we "gringos" will react, as a major part of the economy revolves around tourism. Many of them also expressed their feelings that a major part of the problem stems from "extranjeros" [us foreigners] employing workers [laborers] from outside La Manz, and that they feel that many of the robberies of late are the culpa [fault] of these outsiders. They also like the idea of working together as a community to find a solution and maintain the peace in "our pueblo". Many said that they are frustrated and also feel that the police are basically useless. At the same time, no one seems to have a good solution. My thoughts on this, are that maybe "we" [extranjeros] should think about trying to hire local laborers first even if they may be a little more expensive. This will help the local La Manz economy in the long run. It will also help to gain more confienza [trust] and help to unify "our" community. Economic security or the lack there of is the root cause of most petty crime. ......The last part is just my opinion, the first part is true to the best of my knowledge. p.s. please pardon the punctuation, it's not my strong point.


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