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Re: fear in the news

Posted by Randy on January 23, 2012, 7:38 am, in reply to " fear in the news"

Somehow a narrative has been created that Mexico is dangerous.
While I can see a finacial motive for some, I don't think Hawaii tourism or the cruise industry are behind this.
As we saw recently with the shooting/robbery stories of "Something bad happened..." have a lot more traction than, 'Everything is OK..." stories.
Most editorial staffs are going to select articles for publication or airing based on how many eyeballs or earlobes they can attract, and thus advertisers. Truth often suffers collateral damage.
My thought about why a shooting in Mexico is more startling than a shooting in Vancouver or Washington, D.C. is that Mexico is the Lindsey Lohan of countries. All that beauty and potential somehow make the trainwrecks more compelling.
Nobody really knows what makes a certain narrative catch on, the same way that some things go viral on the internet. People are trying to figure it out, though (conspiracy theory warning).
Why invade Iran if you can insert narratives into their culture? Advertisers, pharmaceutical companies, political parties, are all trying to create narratives all the time.
The best things you can do are to spread truth only and call, "Bulls_ _t!" when you see it.

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