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Property Taxes

Posted by German on January 23, 2012, 3:44 pm

Hello to everyone, I want to clarify to you, the doubts about the taxes:

There are two types of taxes, the taxes for buildings and the the taxes for land.

Every one who owns a property here is obligated to pay taxes to La Huerta for the buildings (it is by square meters and there are some types of rates like: rustic, normal and luxury) So any building is taxed to pay in La Huerta.

About the land, depends the type of land you have is where you have to pay the taxes for it, If your property is not Titled you have to pay to the Ejido the taxes the rate is 50 Cents for square meter every year, but if your land is Titled you have to pay to La Huerta and the taxes are by square meter and the rate is depend the area where is located the property for example in La Manzanilla the most expensive area is in front of beach and down town. When a property is Titled the owner doesn´t have to pay to the Ejido anymore, because in the moment that the property has title, the Ejido loss all the authority on this property and now it is private property.

Today I talked with the director of the taxes office of La Huerta and he said they will come to La Manz at February to charge the taxes like the last year.

I hope have helped you in this topic, and contribute to have a better comunity. Any doubt please contact me by email.

Best Regards,

German Realtor.

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