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Posted by stephanie on January 27, 2012, 10:01 pm

Today several of us had a meeting with the Director in LaHuerta. He is second in command to the President and a very sincere man. We chatted for over an hour and this is what was talked about.

We now have police here on a 24 hour basis. They will be on our streets to show their presence and also on the road between here and North of us. They were on hand in minutes for the incident last Saturday. This is something the President said we would have and now we do.

We discussed the remodeling of the building and decided that could be put on hold for the moment, but, and this is huge...they are willing to match us peso to peso for money we can raise for additional help in assisting the police here...i.e. bicycles, walkie talkies perhaps a motorcycle. These items would enable them to work all our streets in different terrains and maintain communication.

We thought a two week time span would allow folks to come forward and donate. How? I would be happy to log all donations and keep the funds secure. We will give receipts to all donating and have a way of getting info out on expenditures. For those interested in donating, please come to the bookstore or talk with Suzanna or Marcia G. Donation cans will be put out in local stores and restaurants this coming week explaining the above in Spanish.

The money they are matching is a direct link to the taxes we pay to them. And a portion of the money we pay to the Ejido as "land tax" is then paid to LaHuerta by the Ejido. So it seems that by paying the taxes it does come back to us in times of need.

Thanks for the time it took to read this, Stephanie


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