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police donations....

Posted by stephanie, bookstore on January 29, 2012, 5:38 pm

Thanks to all who have written emails and called me..and to those who have made gracias. Working to have "donation fund" posters made so we can show our goal, to be matched by LaHuerata, and how it is growing. Someone has volunteered to help with this.

About the quads in the Ejido building...will check on that tomorrow June. Anybody have any ideas about who they might belong to? I remember that there were two used by the Delegado back when Globo had his term, but heard they dissappeared when his term expired....hmmmm.

Donations can be made at a later in March, not a problem. We just wanted to show LaHuerta that we are all involved in this mission to have better protection and are serious, thus making it a shorter time in which to get back to them and possibly acquiring the items needed more quickly.

About the phone...a request has gone in for one but do not know yet if it has arrived. Raymundo is out of office on Feb. 1st and I will go in and meet the new Delegado and check for phone then.

What else? I will be in the bookstore tomorrow as I think our new doors are arriving. So if you want to make a donation or have questions please drop in.

Again, many thanks for all comments, Stephanie


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