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Fridays meeting about La Manzanilla drainage issues

Posted by Abram on January 29, 2012, 7:27 pm

This past Friday, I attended a meeting in the Ejido office about finding solutions to the drainage problems in our dear little pueblo. Although I was not present for the beginning of the meeting and my espanol is not perfect, I was able to glean some useful information, so here goes.
Apparently there is ample money and interest within the Federal Government of Mexico as well as the state of Jalisco, to address the environmental impact of our current sewage system [or lack there of], as well as storm drainage. However the representatives from the State Government said that we need to voice our concerns if we want these issues addressed.
At the meeting, they passed a petition form around the audience, when I asked about it, they said anyone could sign, regardless of age, nationality or residency status, this includes one time visitors to La Manz. As a matter of fact they encouraged me to post this message on the board. Basically if we care about our beloved little village by the sea, we need to make ourselves heard. The opportunity exists, but it is up to us to push for it.
That being said, many of our local Mexican neighbors expressed concern that it is pure talk on the part of the politicians and that they have heard it all before. That this is an election year and this is just another promise waiting to be broken and point to the current sewer system as direct proof.
I for one can appreciate their point of view, as I don't place a lot of faith in politicians my self. However after talking with Robert and Alfonso, the representatives from the Comision Estatal Del Agua De Jalisco [Jalisco State Water Commision or CEA], I believe there is a genuine opportunity to affect change in our town, but "we" have to be proactive in our efforts.
I believe that as foreigners, residents and visitors alike, we actually pull a certain amount of clout within the governmental power structure, especially on a local or regional level. They value our expenditures as well as "their" reputations. Here in Jalisco, and especially the Costa Alegre, tourism is a major part of the economic balance.
Therefor, I am encouraging all those who care for our beautiful little village to pay attention and get involved. To me, this is one of those rare unifying opportunities to show up and participate on behalf of our community and our local environment. There is going to be another meeting sometime soonish, although the date hasn't been set as of yet. When I find out about it I'll try and post it here. For those of you that were not at the meeting or don't attend the next one, the CEA representatives can be reached on line at the CEA web site.
Roberto can be reached at
Alfanso can be reached at
So anyway, if you have the time, please show your support for a better sewage and storm water management system for La Manzanilla. Also Victor was the translator and he may have a better translation of what was actually said also Susanna has some information and may be a good person to ask as well.

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