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Re: Is this what we call justice???

Posted by Camila Rutherford on February 1, 2012, 2:31 am, in reply to "Re: Is this what we call justice???"

After rereading my post I realized I am not exactly crystal clear with my info and my opinions...

Before I wright any further I apologize for my articulacy or my bad spelling in English here and on The La Manzanilla in Motion Blog, I have never attended school in English or the States and I try my best at communicating in what is to me a second language...

But to address your questions:

I have been hearing from friends who live in Canada and the USA that they have seen this news on t.v., and that International Journalist have been "pressuring" the Mexican Government (with obvious and fare reasons) to solve this crime or do something about the fact that a Canadian citizen is now dead.

What I mean about International Bad Press is that the media only seems to shed light on the murder of a Canadian citizen, and fail to report that the whole country is going through what seems to be almost anarchy.

I am a bit surprised after all your years in living in Mexico Daniel, that you would bring up a "trial" not knowing that there is no such thing in Mexico and that our legal process is different that to the USA, since we have a Roman style of State and there are not many cases that make it to a public hearing or "trial" it is all based on paper work and righten statements.

The reason nobody will testify in Melaque is because Mexican police and Military threaten the families of the accused and any witness, is it worth it to loose your own children and family over clearing someone's name?

I am sorry if I upset anybody with my posts I just want you the reader, the visitor to understand what the locals have to go through... And no to believe everything you read or see in the media. Maybe to think twice before judging...

I don't think this is worth dissecting as much as it's worth reflecting on, a lot of in just things are happening not only to foreigners but to Mexicans in their own hometown I just happen to agree with the Melaque Blogger about a Canadian citizen being murdered given more exposure that a Mexican local girl been kidnapped and still missing. Even by our own local authorities and investigative police (even tough they have a positive I.D. on the guy who took her, license plates, eye witnesses, etc etc)...

I am only posting this for those who might be more interested in the fact that our own legal system is corrupt, and I think that the International Press should shed more light in to this issue that affects us all instead of just being content with putting a face on an isolated event.
These kids were beaten and tortured in to a confession.

Thanks for letting people speak freely

P.S. I think you should wright the Blog if you have any questions but please understand the immense pressure these families or anybody who says anything about this is under.



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