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Re: Is this what we call justice???

Posted by D on February 1, 2012, 4:54 am, in reply to "Re: Is this what we call justice???"
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Thanks for the clarification, your English is excellent, you express
yourself well. I would like to do a bit more on this.

"...the media only seems to shed light on the murder of a Canadian citizen,
and fail to report that the whole country is going through what seems to be
almost anarchy.

The media are so busy reporting that Mexico is dangerous, corrupt etc.
that many feel they report it too much and fail to cover the good parts of
Mexico. I put the words "Mexico failed state" in Google and got 39,700,000 results.

"I just happen to agree with the Melaque Blogger about a Canadian citizen
being murdered given more exposure that a Mexican local girl been kidnapped
and still missing"

The Canadian murder is an International story, the kidnapping is a local story.
I didn't even know about this story until you posted the link so
your post is helping to raise awareness of this situation. I Googled
Dalila Morales Castro and got several hits so it is being covered locally.
If it turns out to be a murder (God forbid) it will get even more coverage.

Regarding the legal system in may find this interesting.

Presumption of Guilt

Here is the movie they speak about in the article


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