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Re: Is this what we call justice???

Posted by diana on February 1, 2012, 1:45 pm, in reply to "Re: Is this what we call justice???"

The Canadian press is reporting on suspicions that the police are arresting innocent people and torturing them to get confessions. Recently a woman was found beaten in a 5-star resort in Mazatlan. The statements by police are very contradictory and the suspect has been reported to have been tortured. The story doesn't add up and this is being reported.

Canadians know the Mex. govt. will do whatever they have to do to protect the tourist trade. Most people who have been to Mexico, know that the Mexican people are kind-hearted and the chance of encountering violence is slim. However, they also know that if they should become a victim of crime, there is no justice. That includes justice for the accused. The Mexican police have no credibility.

The kidnapping of a local Mexican (or any other nationality) is not something that would be reported in Canada unless they were a high ranking official or someone already known to the media. It is up to the Mexican people to solve the internal problems with the govt, judiciary and police. If you ask another govt. to solve the problems in Mexico it could lead to military intervention. Is that the solution you are looking for? I hope not.

Unfortunately, the journalists of Mexico are increasingly threatened and controlled by the govt., police and organized crime. The only hope for the young woman who was kidnapped is to put pressure on the local police and their superiors to arrest the man who is suspected of the crime. Outside govts. will not intervene in domestic affairs unless it impacts the security of their citizens and Canadians in Mexico are prohibited from becoming involved in the politics.

I hope this helps to expain why people seem disinterested in the kidnapping. They care about it but they can really do nothing but support the Mexican people in their efforts to seek justice. The locals need to organize and exert pressure on their officials for true justice or you can continue to let fear control your lives. Be strong.


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