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Creepy guy alert

Posted by Anonymous on February 3, 2012, 12:48 pm

People have said to me that this following alert should be posted, and
I would really rather not use my name, so I am hoping you would be willing
to post this as moderator.

Creepy guy alert.

Be aware that there have been two known incidences involving extremely
inappropriate behavior by a young Mexican man towards two single women.
The man is in his late twenties, is light haired and skinned, he is about 5'10"
and has a big high belly. His story is that he has 3 babies (that part only in English)
and that he wants work, he wants to do cement work, that is his line. But he
is working to get inside the house/tent alone with women he has pegged as single.
He inappropriately touches. Its hard to explain but something seems very wrong.
So be on the alert for this.

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