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Posted by diana on February 4, 2012, 12:07 pm, in reply to "Re: WELCOME TO MEXICO!!!!"

Thanks for correcting the link. This is the part I thought was important: "MEMO to the Mexican authorities: Canadians do not find it comforting to see a suspect paraded before the media even before he is paraded before a judge. Nor do they find spontaneous confessions persuasive if the accused is flanked by masked, black-clad, rifle-toting storm troopers.

Such displays smack of state intimidation, which hardly reinforces confidence in Mexico as a safe place. What would be confidence-inspiring is professional police work that stands up to the scrutiny of an impartial judiciary."

Of course the article doesn't speak for all Canadians but I think its important that the Mexican people know what the Canadian public is reading. Its not a matter of whether the victim is Canadian or Mexican. Its a matter of human rights for both the victim and the accused.

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