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Re: LM Church Music

Posted by D on February 9, 2012, 7:58 pm, in reply to "Re: LM Church Music"
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Just to throw this in the mix, the early morning music thing is new to this
Padre, the last one did not do that. Where I live I don't hear it (much) so my
comment is not coming from any objective event, just history. And no..Rob Boyes (in
my opinion) you are not wrong to say that, its just people trying to find their
way via communicating. This is a whole new world we are living in, communication
will have its good and its bad sides as we learn. With patience the good will
outweigh the bad as we expand our realm of possibilities and learn to listen to
each other without attacking the other just because they say something which
challenges our mindset. Semi rigid fluid positions i.e. I know what I think / believe
enough to listen to others without taking offense, needing to protect my position
or trying to make them think like me. (close rant)

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