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Posted by Bret B on February 10, 2012, 7:57 am

The gauge recorded 0.15" so far, with more possibly coming this weekend. And maybe cooler temperatures.

Weather Underground ( predicts 70-80% chance of rain today & tonight with 0.5" possible. 50% for Saturday and 70% for Sunday. The temperatures would be a few degrees cooler than lately because of the clouds and rain.

According to the Mexican weather service (, there is a low pressure disturbance approaching from the north, combined with a flow of subtropical moisture from the Pacific, that may bring some changes this weekend. They actually mention the chance of a little snow in the higher mountains inland from here this weekend. They mention the volcanic peaks across the middle of Mexico in particular. They show a good chance of rain for us and the entire middle section of Mexico. They also show strong winds for the same region. However, we are on the edge of their rainy/windy/snowy zones on the map, so we may not get much of this stuff.

I don't see much chance of any heavy rains for La Manzanilla, like we had in Feb 2010. I think that was related to the strong El Nino that year. We are in a moderate La Nina right now ( So hopefully no February street flooding this year!

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