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9th Cisco's clinic

Posted by julieandrusty on February 15, 2012, 8:48 am

Another great clinic ended yesterday . 240 cats and dogs were either spayed or neutered and many others were helped . Yolanda, Rubin and Vero, the vets, removed a possible cancerous tumor from a very nice dog's front leg. It will need several weeks to recover but we hope it all goes well for her. A biopsy was taken and will be sent to a lab in Mexico City to determine if it is cancerous.
Pellets were removed from a male cats neck after being neutered. He should be fine and hopefully not the target for a pellet gun again.
31 dogs were brought in from Arroyo Seco by a wonderful man be the name of Jose David Rodriquez. His dedication to the well being of the dogs in his town is wonderful. He does it out of the goodness of his heart and is able to keep track of the owners and where they all live. Cisco's Amigos helped him by giving him money for gas. He made 3 trips over here. Many of you saw his truck loaded down with dogs.
Katerina helped organize 2 truck loads of dogs from El Rebalsito. That is a huge help for that town.
Several cases of TVT, the venereal cancer that is hardly seen anymore in La Manz, was found in several female dogs from Arroyo Seco. Cisco's will pay for their Chemotherapy if the owners are willing to get them to the Vet in Hildalgo.
The general health of most of the dogs was better than in the past. Not too many ticks, but lots of fleas, a few cases of curable mange, and tape worm was the main problem.
It was sad that over 30 puppies, only weeks too young to be operated on, were brought in with their mothers. Our job is never done. We did find good and caring homes for over 10 puppies and 8 kittens all of which were operated on.
Thank you to all of the volunteers. Pam in Recovery, as always, is there all day . Her back must be aching this morning. Marcia and Michele in with the Vets made it so much easier for Yolanda , Rubin and Vero. We would of been there for hours longer without their help. Valerie made great food for all of us. Danny dealt with bringing the dirty towels to the laundry several times a day. Doug used his truck to transport animals from all over along with his helper Rol. Katherine organized the volunteers. There were several volunteers from Barra and Melaque. Thank you for the extra effort. Sally, from Barra, brought in loads of cats and dogs from Barra and stayed and helped them come out of recovery . She's a real trooper.
There are many more that I didn't mention that helped in many ways. You all make it happen.
Cisco's is now proud to say we have spayed or neutered 3224 dogs and cats and have sent them home to a healthier and happier life.
If anyone has pictures please post a few . I'm sure many would enjoy seeing them.
The next Cisco's Amigos clinic will be in Melaque December 14th -18th, 2012. In La Manzanilla February 15th-19th,2013.

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