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12 years in Mexico and still gringo

Posted by Daniel on April 4, 2012, 10:39 pm

There is a Internet saying TLDR; it means "to long didn't read" and is
usually posted at the end of an unusually long rant. I thought I would
put it at the top because I am assuming that most who read this message
board are not familiar enough with the term to know that TLDR is usually
at the bottom of a long rant.

TLDR: I love Mexico but sometimes I question if I am ready for what it is showing me.

Last night the very loud music went on till 2 am. I live 75 yards from the
source of the loud music and with my windows closed could barely hear
the movie I was watching. It was what it was, I survived and appreciated
that it ended promptly at 2 am even though those who were partying there
were totally into it, having fun and shouting out loud while dancing i.e.
the bar owners heaven.

Tonight 9 pm it starts again, so loud that I don't have my space to
do what I want. I react and print out the following.

It really sucks that I can't listen to the music I want at my own party.
You think you have the right to make people listen to what you want?
I will never visit your place of business Ever! And will tell others not to.

No es una mierda que no puedo escuchar la música que quiero en mi propio partido.
¿Crees que tienes el derecho de hacer que la gente escuche lo que usted quiere?
Nunca voy a visitar a su lugar de trabajo nunca! Y le dirá a otros que no.

I took the note to the place and slid it across the bar to the guy working there.
He took it and started to read it and I walked out. He came out after me angry,
he said that he was not the person to whom the note should have been delivered
and pointed to the owner, whom I know but did not see upon entry. He said this
is bullshit, and crumpled the letter up and threw it into the gutter and walked away.
I picked up the letter, straightened it out and gave it to Requena (the owner of
the bar) who was standing in the street. He read it and when he was done I asked
"do you think the pueblo is yours? He said no. I walked back to the office.
A bit later the music went down a couple decibels. I still need to
keep the windows closed and have very little control over my world.

I would not be surprised at all if people responded with things like
"they should turn it down" etc. typical knee jerk response.

I am hoping that those who are still reading will go with me into a realm
of possibilities where current mindsets are questioned openly enough
to allow other possibilities to surface.

The question is, why is most everything ok with the locals (and Mexican's in general)
and challenging for those raised with the "USA" program? Are we just uptight?
Control freaks? Hopelessly Anal retentive?

I have my world "imposed upon" and express my discontent. After I express
that discontent I no longer feel as imposed upon, even though the initial
situation has not changed. What changed? It seems I have more of a tendency
to let it go and merge, it is not bothering me as much as it was. I have to
assume that is because I expressed my feelings and wonder if I even have
a chance to understand or become of like mind as the people (Mexican's)
I admire and want to emulate.

The music just got loud again. God give me strength, or whatever it
is I need. Let it be. Let it be?


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